Whenever there’s a painting within a confined space, there’s an organic demand for a heightened focus—however long or short—that’s seemingly uncompromisable. There’s an immediate pull that warrants our sympathy, making us pause temporarily. Paintings always elicit a reaction. Whether we chose to like the work or not, it doesn’t matter. 

Paris-based painter Ana Karkar sets an example of such externalized force, her work typically enacting a visual narrative of female body and their encompassing circumstances. It’s especially her portraitures of women that sometimes seem overwhelming to spend time with as Karkar is an artist who possesses the fundamental means to present matter in its fullest form; occurrences that are genuine and invadable, terrible and reconciliatory. All at the same time.

Having grown up in a home where gender didn’t adhere to a fixed set of definitions, Karkar has gained access to a rare sensibility that allows for her paintings to exhibit female body neutral enough and, above all, empathetic to its opposite sex. It’s her female gaze—intuitive and sort of unraveled—that authorizes everyone to observe the work without feeling the pressure of time or the often-returning discourse of objectification. It’s impossible to not succumb to the autonomous beauty that’s right there, visually as well as conceptually. Perhaps it’s almost a matter of giving in. When we’re amongst her paintings, we get to live and die through and with them. In the end, Karkar lets us experience what we were always supposed to experience when gazing upon art—we denounce, temporarily, everything else.

— Lara Konrad 

for Coeval magazine

  • EDUCATION expand_more expand_less
    2013 - 2016 : TURPS Art School, London, UK

    2005 - 2010 : Université Panthéon-Sorbonne, Arts et Sciences de l'Art, Paris, France

    2004 - 2008 : Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris

    2002 - 2004 : San Francisco Art Institute, USA

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    2019 – We value your privacy, DZIALDOV, Berlin, Germany

    2019 – Spine To Perform An Exorcism, Copie Service, Paris, France

    2018 – Where there’s smoke , Le Consulat de la Gaité, Paris, France

    2015 – Unmanifest Territories , Meta-Gallery, Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami, USA

  • SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS expand_more expand_less
    2019 – Just so stories, Nosbaum Reding gallery, Luxembourg

    2019 – Cafe Spit, Galerie PCP, Paris, France
 2018 – Submission Friday, SFMOMA, online

2018 – Colourful Chaos , by Fluxkunst, Laundry Artspace, Brisbane, Australia

    2017 – L'homme Sauvage , DZIALDOV, Berlin, Germany

    2017 – Et Tu, Art Brute? , Andrew Edlin Gallery, New York, USA

    2017 – Night School , La Galerie 36 rue Notre Dame de Nazareth, Paris, France

    2017 – BYOB_Lx , Zaratan Arte Contemporânea, Lisbon, Portugal

    2017 – „...why not hug the strangers.“ , DZIALDOV, Berlin, Germany

    2016 – Submission Friday, SFMOMA, online
 2016 – Turps Correspond , The Artworks, Halifax and UK IR11, Edinburgh, UK

    2015 – Malfunction , Dzialdov, Berlin, Germany

    2015 – Cold on the Outside, Glasgow Openhouse, UK
 2015 – FTO #2, Passage Choiseul, Paris, France

    2015 – Figure This Out , Assembly House, Leeds, UK

    2014 – Correspond, Turps Painting Studio, London, UK

    2014 – Re-Boot , DZIALDOV, Berlin, Germany

    2012 – Surf Your Mind, Galerie Christian Berst, Paris, France

    2010 – Centre Commerciale Sans Commerce , CHIC Art Fair, Cité de la Mode et du Design, Paris, France

    2010 – Chez Jack , Centre Culturel Auguste Dobel, Paris, France

    2009 – Chemins de Fer , « La Petite Ceinture » 75020, Paris, France

    2008 – Undergraduate show, Centre Saint Charles, Paris, France

    2006 – IVYParis, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France

 expand_more expand_less
    2014 – Atelier Austmarka Artist in Residence Grant, Norway

 expand_more expand_less
    2018, October – Ana Karkar’s Where There’s Smoke, Le Consulat.org : article

    2017, May – Writer Lara Konrad Interviews Ana Karkar , Coeval Magazine : article

    2017, May – Carte Blanche à Xaver von Mentzingen : Double Je, construire l’image des autres et/ou créer sa propre image : article 

    2016 – PsychOut:AnaKarkar, SeymourProjects : article

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