Mathieu Merlet Briand
#Environment x #Digital, 2019
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Just as a biologist in his lab, Mathieu Merlet Briand collects his raw material on the internet before he starts cultivating it. Rather than just being put back into circulation, the pictures, words and sounds of the digital ecosystem undergo a truly transforming operation. After the protocols and algorithms invented by Mathieu Merlet Briand sifted through the indistinct swarming of these raw data, something resembling a new perceptual texture arises. Indeed the approach he has retained from his studies at the Arts Décoratifs is more of a reflexion on matter than on image. Born in 1990, he de facto belongs to the generation of digital natives for whom the digital environment never meant a network of cables or screen-interfaces. In the absence of visible hardware that is exactly what the digital world is: an immersion in an ecosystem which surrounds us and conditions us but that we do not notice, (...)

Mathieu Merlet Briand
#Environment x #Digital
Lenticular imaging
115 x 115 cm
Unique artwork
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